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április 29, 2010


április 26, 2010

weard sl chat

április 26, 2010

Avi Arrow is Online
[8:23] Evelyne Hax is Online
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: Current Version v2.01
performing update-check at the [NoSaints iNC.] Servers…
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: Initialising System…
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: …Establish connection to [NoSaints iNC.] Network…
[8:23] NextGen NPV HUD (beta) 0.8f: Initialized.
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: Sniffer >> OFF
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: PhysForce >> OFF
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: Boost >> OFF
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: Radar >> OFF
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: SimInfo >> OFF
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: Detector >> OFF
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: Probes >> OFF
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: AviCept >> OFF
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: AviForce >> OFF
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: MoveLock >> OFF
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: Dasher >> OFF
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: …System ready
[8:23] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: ObjCept >> OFF
[8:23] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat…
[8:23] You decline New Note from A group member named Helm Anton.
[8:23] Connected
[8:25] Kris Haller: a meme is like a pattern of information that can copy itself from mind to mind
[8:25] Kris Haller: if meme = virus, then vaccime = something that gives immunity
[8:26] Woman Wonder: if it is made to combat that very target
[8:26] [NoSaints iNC.] Seraphim II HUD: Detector >> ON
[8:26] Kris Haller: in effect something like critical thinking, other examples from the lexicon for it include conservativism, nihilism, orthodoxy, a broad mix
[8:27] item id found
[8:27] file C:\Program Files\GreenLife Emerald Viewer\app_settings\bridge_assets\3aa187cd-519e-ac01-04f1-09f8a89a8247.lsltext exists
[8:27] got file handle @ postinv
[8:27] case lsltext @ postinv
[8:27] posting content as bf5bfc02-fc7f-3493-4cf4-5859347664cf
[8:27] Kris Haller: well criticism/critical skills are one i asign the term to, i noticed it about them
[8:27] completed upload, inserting
[8:27] inserted.
[8:27] import completed
[8:27] Kris Haller: ominous, it went the same way as before (one cpu in use, the other less so)
[8:27] Kris Haller: bug i guess
[8:28] Woman Wonder: what OS?
[8:28] Kris Haller irrationally closes firefox for no reason
[8:28] Kris Haller: winxp (WinXP)
[8:28] Kris Haller: im keeping an eye on a few things, inlcuding temp, but i do that anyway
[8:28] Woman Wonder: oh, that’s not really meant for dual-core. It was kludged to do so. Win7 is made for it
[8:28] felphar Clarity: why sl get laggyer by the day???
[8:29] Lucia Nightfire: because more and mroe crackheadas buy laggy HUD’s
[8:29] Kris Haller: which is ungood, frankly
[8:29] Woman Wonder: so dual-core will be lopsided
[8:29] Lucia Nightfire: and back
[8:29] Kris Haller: fair enough
[8:29] Kris Haller: am on dualcore too
[8:29] Kris Haller: wb
[8:29] Woman Wonder: yeah, you need to upgrade to 7
[8:29] Kris Haller: anyway, critical thinking is set of memes that help you resist other memes (beliefs, guesswork, hypotheses, theory, knowldge)
[8:30] Woman Wonder: 64bit, too, if your PC is recent
[8:30] Kris Haller: will see i guess, i dont think i can do 64 bit
[8:30] Woman Wonder: is there room for guesswork?
[8:30] Kris Haller: yes
[8:30] Woman Wonder: how does it fit in?
[8:30] Lucia Nightfire: and after testing I’ve found that settext is height dpendant on viewable resolution not screen resolution * UI size
[8:30] Kris Haller: i lump hypothesis in with it, the distinction to me is if a scientist said it, or context
[8:30] Kris Haller: i use guesswork to mean the same
[8:31] Lucia Nightfire: so I can make a formula based off a settext click target and touch face
[8:31] Kris Haller: people i think may know what that means more than hypothesis
[8:31] Lucia Nightfire: which I’m sure alot fo HUD makers already have done
[8:31] Lucia Nightfire: just no damn info on the exact formula anywhere
[8:31] Kris Haller: its lopsidedness, the second cpu is somewhat used, but its not as floored as what it was earlier
[8:32] Kris Haller: it seems to cope if it were anyway
[8:32] Kris Haller: ah (ah)
[8:32] Kris Haller: cool then
[8:32] Kris Haller: thats a lot for that, or as research and stuff
[8:32] Kris Haller: lousy 2.0 i guess
[8:33] Kris Haller: it does bring good as well as evil?
[8:33] Lucia Nightfire: bascially I used a control prim with control settext and scaled all three axis’ in percentage versus a percentage change from one viewable resolution * UI to another viewable resolution *UI
[8:33] Woman Wonder: and the day was going so well
[8:33] felphar Clarity: good and evil is different for everybody
[8:34] Kris Haller: if it aint broke, dont fix it, and they changed it now it sucks
[8:34] Lucia Nightfire: soryy, I meant change in viewable height pixels
[8:35] Kris Haller: tvtropes database is down, and when i needed it
[8:35] Kris Haller: well :S
[8:35] Woman Wonder: they let us down
[8:36] Kris Haller: that last phrase is a trope name, searching it will yield the trope page, and when theyve deborked their database, it maybe viewed
[8:36] Kris Haller: and goo and evil do differ for people
[8:37] Kris Haller: *d, people who enjoy graphics, and a more facebook-like social experience will indeed be quite happy
[8:37] Kris Haller: people who like linux, or who are used to 1.0 will despise it
[8:37] Lucia Nightfire: screw fb
[8:37] Kris Haller: in fact that last one is more or less a given, only a minority will like 2.0 who also like 1.0, human nature
[8:37] Woman Wonder: emerald will be the last vestige of hope for 1.0 users
[8:37] Kris Haller believes so
[8:38] Kris Haller: im sticking with it, or anything i like, and i dislike fb a bt, i cna be found on one social place, but its not that one
[8:38] felphar Clarity: (
[8:39] Kris Haller ‘s specific rules actually include the the term bargepole, and specify to avoid it on pain of death
[8:39] Kris Haller: and given transhumanism and my expressed dislike of death, serious..
[8:39] Woman Wonder: And away go the mountain tops
[8:39] Kris Haller: so it seems
[8:39] Kris Haller: for a second or two
[8:40] Woman Wonder: that was quick
[8:40] Kris Haller: and not wordpress, but not a bad choice, well not as bad a choice
[8:40] Lucia Nightfire: i e screw wp
[8:40] Kris Haller: my own choice could be criticized too (not myspace either, but one or two old issues), but facebook is too social, too userfriendly, too irrelevence bombarding-y, and too privacy invading
[8:41] Kris Haller: whether people you know, security people, facebook themselves, or anyone
[8:41] Woman Wonder: See, the mountains are here because the collective group in the sim accepts them. If it were a wall of graffite it would be gone in a hearbeat.
[8:41] Kris Haller: id wish oblivion on that site, but it maybe harsh
[8:41] Kris Haller: a bit more serious than death, you at least keep memory and your consequences on reality if you die
[8:42] Kris Haller: maybe hype, either way, oblivion to fb
[8:42] Kris Haller: maybe also oblivion to 2.0, but i think tolerance for that so long as they allow people who like 1.0 to keep using emerald
[8:42] Woman Wonder: for a time, yes
[8:43] Kris Haller: forever >:)
[8:43] Woman Wonder: no
[8:43] Woman Wonder: it won’t be
[8:43] Kris Haller passes the fuck out !!
[8:43] Kris Haller: fair enough
[8:43] Kris Haller: maybe twak some features to work, but im not using something to userfriendly
[8:43] Kris Haller: id rather visit them, and actually bombard their building with plague ridden corposes in person from a catapult than use that
[8:44] Kris Haller: -o, however excessive or flippant
[8:44] Woman Wonder: fling a few dogs and cats their way, too
[8:44] Kris Haller: as they lack ramparts and their building isnt a fort, such an endavour would fai, but they may leave a window open by accident
[8:45] Kris Haller: ill then insist on razing their building to the ground and salting the earth around it for a few miles too, diplomatically overlooking what happens to the people
[8:45] Kris Haller will perform said actions at night when there are no people
[8:45] Kris Haller: thats eaier
[8:45] Woman Wonder: And don’t forget, that building you see in Google is only their headquarters. It is not their data-centers.
[8:45] Kris Haller: oh
[8:45] Kris Haller: i dont want to harm the world per se, just those who own it, so ok
[8:46] Kris Haller: however evil
[8:46] Woman Wonder: is that a poem?
[8:46] Kris Haller: no idea
[8:46] Woman Wonder: it is now
[8:46] Kris Haller: seems to be
[8:46] Kris Haller: unconscious poetry :S
[8:46] Kris Haller will need to watch that with regards to studying it
[8:47] Evelyne Hax is Offline
[8:47] Kris Haller struggles through a sea of lag…
[8:48] Lucia Nightfire: horse shields up
[8:48] Woman Wonder struggles through a lag of sea…
[8:48] Kris Haller: could walk in a slow way using that
[8:48] Kris Haller: or appear to
[8:48] Kris Haller struggles through a sea of lag…
[8:49] Woman Wonder: Net come here to blog everyone?
[8:50] Kris Haller: i think so long as open source, they maybe able to create and/or work around or de-suckify any userfriendliness the lindens see fit to add
[8:50] felphar Clarity: blog here?
[8:50] Kris Haller: failing that, a linux-ish viewer ought to necessarily not be userfriendly
[8:50] Kris Haller: so ill just give windows up
[8:50] Woman Wonder: Net, the one they say copies people’s convos and puts it on his blog
[8:51] Kris Haller: and the evil Nt
[8:51] Kris Haller: *e
[8:51] Woman Wonder: Or you could just give in and use 2.0
[8:51] Kris Haller: they dare to mock the holy kurzweil, they are indeed heretical
[8:51] Kris Haller:
[8:51] Woman Wonder: And lose all the protection
[8:52] Kris Haller just checked for reasons of paranoia
[8:52] Kris Haller: i said of checked once before and saw they see transhumanism as a cult, its not exactly so cult like if it can deal with ideas, ground the meanings to them, and resist the same sorts of badmemes that cults are known for
[8:52] Kris Haller: but if they insist
[8:53] Kris Haller contemplates rhetorical demolition
[8:53] Woman Wonder: I am now going to contemplate making lunch. See you
[8:53] Kris Haller: ok, have a nice lunch
[8:53] Kris Haller: take care too
[8:53] Kris Haller: and choose wel
[8:53] Woman Wonder: mm, yes
[8:53] Kris Haller: although you should get another chance to choose tomorrow
[8:54] Kris Haller is thinking of grated cheese
[8:54] Kris Haller: or cheese and pickle
[8:54] felphar Clarity: weard conversation..
[8:54] Kris Haller: yes
[8:55] felphar Clarity: or maybe its just me..
[8:55] Kris Haller: my flippancy probably, can lead to unusualness
[8:55] felphar Clarity: not enough weed
[8:55] Kris Haller: suggestions for lunch otherwise
[8:55] Sniper Toocool: kris dont jump
[8:55] Kris Haller: its late afternoon here, btu my sleeping doesnt care
[8:55] Kris Haller: this is a tactical platform
[8:56] Sniper Toocool: i thought u were trying to jump
[8:56] Kris Haller: you cant really jump from that
[8:56] Sniper Toocool: want a hotdog ?
[8:56] Sniper Toocool: i think i made her disappear
[8:57] Sniper Toocool: i have powers that im not aware of
[8:58] Forcing Ground Sit
[8:59] felphar Clarity: i think dualcore has little advantage
[8:59] Kris Haller: it has some
[8:59] Kris Haller: not loads
[9:00] felphar Clarity: usually no need of that much power
[9:00] felphar Clarity: and softwares are usually not ready for it
[9:00] felphar Clarity: even if windows gives a hand
[9:01] felphar Clarity: same with 64 bit cpu
[9:02] Sniper Toocool: hotdogs anyone
[9:02] Sniper Toocool: ?
[9:02] felphar Clarity: better hot scripts
[9:03] Sniper Toocool: hot cats

Chinese economy ??

április 25, 2010

..hogy ez se maradjon ki…addig fog menni Kina szekere ameddig van olcso koolaj…upsyyy…fogadok h errol igencsak kevesen hallottak. …de errol szol a tortenet….. oil kell a szallitashoz meg a termeleshez….most az ok kezukben van az adu asz ..vagyis ok vasaroljak fel amerika adossagat / hiteleznek nekik.

Alacsony olaj ar mellett senki se fog nekiallni uj olajmezoket kitermelni.

miert vagyunk nyakig xarban ???

április 25, 2010

Akinek meg mindig kimaradt veletlenul a lenyeg a sorok kozott — ami evidens – par politikus egyszeruen eladja az orszagot egy tal lencseert..vagyis o kap egy kis zsebpenzt de cserebe nagyon sokat veszit az orszag. — ami nem annyira evidens – kelet europa a nyugati termekek felvevopiaca, es ameddig ez igy megy addig kelet mindig is szegeny es kizsakmanyolt lesz. A rakas birkaban tudatositani kell hogy az uzletekben a sajat szarunkat vegyuk meg. … keleti alapanyagbol keleti termek keleti munkaero altal keleti cegtol, …az allam  adja meg a termeloknek a tamogatast mert a nyugatiak is csak ugy tudjak eloallitani termekeiket ilyen aron … onkoltsegi ar alatt nem lehet termelni.

Unios tamogatas – minden tag egy rakas penzt fizet be az unionak, amit aztan palyazatokkal visszakaphatunk, es ez a visszakapott osszeg 5-10 szazalek korul mozog (ilyen xarul palyazunk)…magyarul tomjuk a menzt az unioba amit felvesz az orszag kamatos hitelbe a vilagbanktol es az imf-tol.

Magyarul nyugat europa egyszeruen faxra veszi kelet europat..kizsakmanyolja a szo szoros ertelmeben…de ugyanez folyik pl. afrikaban is es meg mashol..

…mikor egy orszag privat bankoktol vesz fel hitelt es allampapirokat reklamoz a tv-ben akkor mar naaaagy a baj….bevetel meg csak a privat cegek adojabol, ami eleg kene legyen az allami alkalmazottak+politikusok  fizetesere , nyugdijakra, segelyekre, beruhazasokra….nem csoda hogy az allam veszi fel allandoan a regi hitel visszafizetesere az uj hiteleket.

…es hogy ki ne maradjon….a nemzeti bank kolt egy rakas penzt, hogy az euro arfolyam aranylag stabil maradjon….mert normal korulmenyek kozt az euro a gazdasag barometere valamennyire.

szocializmus allatt volt vam a kulfoldi termekekre, volt cserekereskedelem, nem volt multi ceg aki bezsebeli a hasznot (mondjuk fizet valami adot es par munkahelyet ad, de orszagos szinten ez majdnem semmi) volt termeles, az allam pedig a penzt tette az egyik zsebebeol a masikba, korforgas orszagon belul…igy lehet un. szocialis vedohalot csinalni, hazai piacot, termelest, polgart vedeni…megha sokaknak mas jut eszebe arrol a korszakrol.

…probaltam valamennyire osszerakni a teljes  kepet ebben a firkalmanyban…..talan ezt akarta vki elmondani Oszodon..

…aki tudja es akarja az vegye at / bovitse ki / javitsa ki  ..hadd terjedjen..


április 25, 2010